Road flagmen in Quebec are often victims of the impatience of motorists on road works. They are often mothers or fathers, have a risky task and deserve our respect. All road users should be aware of the importance of good behavior in the areas of road construction.


In areas of road construction, are you accustomed to change the way you drive?

  • Yes, that is reassuring;
  • No, it’s disturbing … not just for you but for others too.


    Here are some ways to maximize hazards in construction areas, putting your life in danger, that of other road users and the people working on construction sites:

  • Demonstrate inattention;
  • Exceed the posted speed limits (1km at 100km/h instead of 80km/h saves you 9 seconds … are you in such a hurry?);
  • Closely follow the vehicle in front;
  • Make a risky passing;
  • Make a lane change when it is forbidden;
  • Drive or encroach on the opposite direction or in a closed path;
  • Not follow the instructions of a flagman.
    Remember that on a road construction site, are people who are working day and often at night, depending on the nature of the work. It is composed of workers, technicians, engineers, professionals and flagmen. Traffic conditions and road configurations are often changed, so that drivers must adapt their usual behavior


    In 80% of road accidents involving personal injury, driver behavior is concerned. Hence, the importance of respecting the orange signs, including the speed limits.
    You find that you already pay enough taxes… we remind you that fines are doubled for speeding in the areas of road construction.

Be a safe driver, cooperative and responsible. Be careful in areas of road construction; act safely for workers and for you.