A monitor in a driving school is first and foremost a teacher, responsible for learning driving rules and road safety to future drivers.

It provides practical lessons (individual driving course in vehicles specially identified and equipped with specific equipment). He teaches techniques relating to road safety and how to behave on the road as a driver. It prepares students to the examination at the SAAQ. Learning the practice takes place in real conditions, the driving school car being integrated with the rest of the traffic.

The monitor has an educational role. To train future drivers exercising caution and civility, it must have interpersonal skills (education, self-control and patience).

Note: this job is characterized by working conditions quite difficult and stressful: traffic jams, irregular and extended hours (including evenings and Saturdays).

Pre-requisites for Class 5 driving monitors:

  • Be sponsored by a recognized driving school by the delegatee organism (AQTr).
  • Have held a high school diploma or its equivalent or any degree.
  • Not have more than 4 demerit points on their driving record in the last two (2) years. Form: (« Information Relating to Driving Record ») issued within the last six (6) months.
  • Demonstrate that has not pleaded guilty or been convicted of an offense incompatible with the status of recognized driving school for which he has not obtained a pardon (Form « Certificate of absence of criminal record « )
  • Follow successfully the training program of Class 5
    • Formal training given by the AECQ
    • Practical program given by the school sponsoring the candidate
    • Exams supervised by the AQTr.


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