An instructor in a recognized driving school is responsible for teaching in a classroom, the theoretical modules of the Road Education Safety Program (RSEP) of the SAAQ to the students of his driving school.

He gives the material in twelve (12) theoretical modules. Each of these modules enables the student to acquire the skills covered by the driving course. Teaching is done in a classroom in the premises of the driving school to a group of students. Each module has duration of two hours, including the break.

The instructor has an educational role. To assist in training of future drivers being responsible and exercising good citizenship, he must be a reference in terms of his knowledge in the driving of automobile in the school; be a skilled communicator, comfortable in front of a group, independent and professional. He must be a good teacher, have a good self-control and a good dose of patience. Resourcefulness, punctuality, professionalism, dynamism are the qualities south by employers.

Note : The instructor should be familiar with some tools such as computerized tools like PowerPoint.

To become a RSEP Class 5 instructor, in a recognized driving school, the candidate must:

  • Be sponsored by a driving school recognized by the delegate organism (AQTr).
  • Have and maintain an acceptable driving record.
  • Act as certified monitor for at least on year. A monitor who has a college or higher education can also access the RESP instructor training class 5 after having accumulated at least 600 hours as a monitor in a recognized driving school.
  • Follow successfully the instructor RESP class 5 program. .
    • Formal training in classroom by AECQ
    • Observation modules performed at the driving school sponsoring the future instructor;
    • A final theory exam supervised by AQTr;
    • A period during which the future instructor will teach modules and will be supervised by the guardian of the driving school sponsoring him;
    • Summative evaluation by AQTr. Passing score: 75%. Duration: 2 hours.

Total training time : 125.5 hours (Minimum 7 weeks).

At the driving school : 75 hours.
Au regroupement (AECQ) : 49 hours
By the AQTR : half an hour


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