The DSAQ provides you with several relevant documents and articles.

Code of Ethics

This code of ethics is addressed to all members of the Quebec Association of Driving Schools (DSAQ), administrators, instructors, managers, directors, volunteers, regardless of their status or seniority within the organization.

Educational manual

The DSAQ offers driving course manuals in French and English

Privacy Policy


Cell phones and texting while driving

Driving a car requires the full attention and concentration of the driver. The driver must constantly be on the lookout for the many unforeseen eve...

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Driving while impaired by alcohol

Criminal Code Upon or following your arrest, you will receive either a promise to appear or a summons. This document will tell you when to report t...

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7 golden rules to save on tires

Replacing tires is a costly operation, so here are 7 simple tips to save them and gain miles

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Holiday Season and Driving

For many, the holiday season involves many hours spent on the roads. And for this period to remain one of joy, it is … important to remain very vig...

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