The training period is an important step for anyone wishing to practice driving as a good citizen and safely.

This is why we recommend before signing a contract with a driving school, you make sure that the school is a member of the Driving School Association of Quebec (DSAQ).

The role of the DSAQ is to ensure consumers that the driving education that is delivered in class and on the road is of a high quality. The importance of this progressive system will improve the driving of all drivers on the road.

When making the choice to work at a school, there are certain key criteria to be aware of to ensure the success of the instructor in training:

  • The school displays a valid AQTR. The latter is the delegate of the Société d’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ). It ensures that the requirements for teaching driving are met.
  • The school is close to your place of residence.
  • The operating hours are clearly indicated.
  • The office space is clean and professional.
  • The personnel is polite and courteous.
  • The price of any course corresponds to the service that is offered.
  • The school will provide a car for your final exam (with or without fees).
  • The license plate on the back of the car you are given to use begins with ‘F’ (SAAQ: Cars used by driving schools. An automobile belonging to a driving school or an establishment licensed to teach the licensing for driving on heavy vehicles.)
  • The driving school offers personalized courses.
  • Are manuals ready for sale in the said Branch? Does all documentation seem to be in order?
  • Will all courses be delivered by the same instructor?


The price of a driving course can vary from one school to the other. Make sure that the price from the start does not include any surprises. The maximum price set by the Ministry of Transport of Quebec for a course of driving Class 5 is $ 825.00. It includes the registration fee and the issuance of certificates. Some additional costs are allowed: manuals, classes resumed in case of failure, absence to an appointment, the rental of a car at the exam of the SAAQ, the extra hours of practice, etc. Be aware of schools who advertise a lower base price. The quality of training is likely to suffer.
Be aware of institutions or individuals that offer services in the $25 per hour range, taxes included. With the cost of an adequate instructor and licensing fees, $25 would not even cover these costs. Chances are that these entities are involved in fraud towards the government in the form of tax evasion.

Methods of Payment:

The delivery of payments is concurrent with current Consumer protection laws in Quebec. In case of a dispute, please communicate with the DSAQ.
You benefit from a delay of four (4) months to carry out your payments.
If this does not assure you, read the law regarding Consumer protection in the province of Quebec. Make sure that you read the contract regarding the detailed price and services offered very well. This will avoid and surprises regarding supplementary fees at the level of theory or on the road courses.
Pay with a credit card or a debit card. Reaffirm that the TPS and TVQ tax numbers are clearly indicated on the receipt.


There exist schools that are independently owned and other schools that are a part of a franchise. The DSAQ recognizes which schools are accredited. The proof of their membership can be verified on the link CHOOSE YOUR SCHOOL of this website. Remember, all schools in the association are accredited schools.

Civil Responsibility of the School:

  • To provide car insurance that is required by law on all vehicles
  • A business security deposit is mandatory.
  • Be sure that the school respects the rights of the consumer.

Have a Great Course!