A moped is a passenger vehicle having two or three wheels and a maximum speed of
70 km/h, equipped with an electric motor or a motor having a cylinder capacity of not more than 50 cc with an automatic transmission.

Operating a moped or scooter requires a Class 6D license. Holders of all other classes (other than Class 8) of driver’s license or probationary license are authorized to operate a moped or scooter. The holder of a moped or motorized scooter (Class 6D) license cannot drive any other vehicles.

To obtain a license to drive a moped you must have at least 14 years (if you are a minor, parental consent is required)

Steps to obtain a license for a moped or a motorized scooter

You are required to pass a 6 hours course.

  • 3 hours of theory;
  • 3 hours of practical course on a close circuit.

The theory and visual tests are managed at the service center of the SAAQ.

To join the school member of the AECQ nearest you, see our list of members giving Class 6D driving lessons (Driving a moped or motorized scooter) under FIND A DRIVING SCHOOL.