The job of a bus driver (class 2) is to take charge and drive safely passengers to their destination in a predetermined circuit while respecting schedules. It also has to perform some maintenance tasks and troubleshooting as necessary.

Driving a bus requires good vision, good physical endurance, self-reliance and resourcefulness. The driver must enjoy working in public because it has frequent contact with customers. The safety of persons, goods and vehicles require a good sense of responsibility. Plan the itinerary for contingencies, to quickly and easily identify when unexpected changes, require a good sense of organization and direction.

Good spoken French and a good knowledge of the English language is an asset not to be overlooked. This allows you to travel anywhere in Canada or the United States.

Requirements for obtaining a driving licenses class 2

Prerequisites :

  • Possess Class 5 license for at least two years ;
  • Have less than 4 demerit points on your driving record
  • Do not have undergone any suspension or revocation of you license within two years following an offense under the Criminal code or an accumulation of demerit points;
  • Provide a satisfactory medical report (form M28 available at the SAAQ)

For the new Quebec residents, the SAAQ authorizes an exception to this rule. If the experience taken in a foreign country is well documented (see Driving License), this experience can be recognized and deduct from the period of 2 years previously mentioned. For more information on the criteria for exemptions, applicants should contact the SAAQ.
Pass the road test and the test on technical inspection at the SAAQ.

Steps to follow to drive a bus with manual or automatic transmission.

Theoretical training:

  • Road Safety Code
  • Log book including new regulations
  • Inspection of the air brake system
  • Transmissions, motors and engine brake
  • Pre-departure verification
  • Road signs in Québec
  • Preparation to the theoretical exam at the SAAQ


Practical training:

  • Inspection
  • Verification before departure
  • Double clutch
  • Use of the air brake system
  • Reverse
  • Progressive shifting
  • Energy saving
  • Preparation for the SAAQ exam

To join the school member of the AECQ nearest you, see our list of members giving Class 2 driving lessons under FIND A DRIVING SCHOOL.