La Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec provides financial assistance to adapt a motor vehicle (car or mini-van) to enable disabled person to drive or have access to it.

Adaptations serve exclusively and directly to offset the deficiency due to physical disability to drive the vehicle safely or have access to it.

Certain conditions ap0ply and you will find the information on the SAAQ website under « Handicapped persons »

Equipment for adapted vehicles:

  • Start pads
  • Manual controls
  • Accelerator to the left
  • Ball at the wheel allowing access to different functions when driving the vehicle (flashers, winshield washer).
  • Wide angle mirror
  • Etc.

Evaluation in Occupational Therapy

The Road Safety Code stipulates that the SAAQ may request a person to submit to an evaluation by a health care professional designated by it. The occupational therapist is a professional mentionned in the law. However, any person may request an evaluation by an occupatinal therapist unless it is required by the SAAQ.

The evaluation in Occupational Therapy usually consists in two steps:

  • Evaluation prior to an autonomous and safe driving;
  • Evaluation on road of the ability to drive.

To join the school member of the AECQ nearest you, see our list of members offering services of Occupational Therapy to persons with disabilities and courses by instructors who specialize in this area and are used to work on adapted vehicles, under FIND A DRIVING SCHOOL.