Since the return of the obligation to follow a driving course, we see unfortunately a minority asked about the quality of practical or theoretical courses given. What should expect parents and students from a “good driving course teacher”? How a driving school differs from an other, the course being mandatory and framed by the standards prescribed by the SAAQ?

One can well think of a training program with an educational approach up-to-date, but its success will be incomplete if the driving school does not care about those who run the class, transmit their experiences, their knowledge and teach future drivers to behave on the road; monitors and instructors.

Both know the whole educational program on road safety (PESR) developed by the SAAQ. The instructor is distinguished because he often combines two tasks: teaching on the road and animation of courses of theory.

For what are these people animated? Passion, I agree, is essential but not sufficient to ensure an exceptional staff. It must also human qualities, knowledge of youth concerns, an ability to listen, empathy, ability to communicate clearly, the desire to innovate and continually improve their knowledge. We must add the ability to share knowledge and know-how. Team spirit is an essential criterion for identifying learning difficulties. Finally, we must convince of the pleasure of knowledge.

By learning about the ways of doing of the driving school, we make sure to meet the ultimate goal: providing a quality course to each student.

Is the owner directly involved with theory or practice? What teaching philosophy is he preaching? Are the mind they are a team and staff versatility priorities and encouraged? What are the years of seniority? Is staff turnover low? The team members, are they sharing experiences? Do we value the updating of knowledge and proposing new ideas or approaches? How do they do it to get managers to achieve cohesion between the different members of their staff? Is the school able to spread its success rate and prove it?

Many questions to better learn about the school. Ultimately, it is there to form safe, cooperative and responsible drivers.

François Lauzière

Note: François Lauzière is president of the Driving School Association of Quebec (DSAQ) and co-owner of École de conduite Parcours. He is also a trainer-expert dedicated to the training of monitors and driving instructors for schools, members of DSAQ.